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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Michelle Beadle’s Boyfriend, Matthew Barnaby, Arrested for Criminal Trespass, Harrassment



ESPN is getting a lot of publicity these days, though not the kind of publicity they were looking probably looking for.  From Jalen Rose to Jay Mariotti, ESPN analysts and staff seem to be making the news lately instead of just reporting it.  Now the boyfriend of Sports Nation anchor, Michelle Beadle, is also in trouble with the law.  According to WBEN of Buffalo, New York:

Amherst Police have arrested former Buffalo Sabre Matthew Barnaby, in connection with a “domestic incident” that occurred Friday evening.

According to a press release, the incident occurred at 7:05 PM at an undisclosed location in the town, and it involved two victims. No physical violence was involved. Police are withholding further details, to ensure the victims’ safety.

Barnaby will remain in jail at Amherst Police headquarters overnight, and will be arraigned in Amherst Town Court Saturday morning.

Barnaby has been charged with criminal mischief, criminal trespass, harassment, criminal contempt and aggravated harassment.

Wow.  All that for T-Peeing his girlfriend’s house?  Okay, so there is no word on whether the incident involved Beadle.  That would just be wild speculation on our part.  However, since we’re kind of into wild speculation…

We’ll have to see if the budding romance between the two ESPN employees can survive a little bit of jail time.  Beadle doesn’t strike as one who puts up with much BS, but until the details are out, we’ll try to give Barnaby the benefit of doubt.  Hopefully, for his sake, Michelle does too.

[PhotoSource: Black Sports Online]

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