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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Police Bust Into Chris Johnson’s House, Assume He’s a Drug Dealer


Chalk this one up to yet another gut shot to the concept of civil liberties.  According to recent tweets by Titans’ Pro-Bowl running back, Chris Johnson, police recently walked into his house because they thought he was a drug dealer.  Their evidence – if it can even be called that – was based on the fact that there was heavy traffic going in and out of his home.  Never mind that it was an MTV camera crew moving back and forth.  Then again, it’s probably not very easy to tell the difference between MTV and drug pushers.  Johnson’s tweets had this to say:
“Y did police just walk in my condo saying they think it’s drug activity because it’s alot of traffic but it was the MTV camera crew.”
You have to feel for Johnson on this one.  He’s a young black man with a few gold teeth that obviously stand out a bit when he smiles.  This is probably not the first time he’s been hassled by the cops.  However, Johnson decides to take it a step further and show of some of the same douchebaggery he exhibited at the beginning of last season when he claimed he would rush for 2500 yards:
“Hard being young, black and rich”
Yeah, that’s just about where you lost your audience.  It’s one thing to be put off by an invasion of your home by the police.  It’s quite another to remind the world how good you have it when so many young men are black and poor and will never have the opportunities you do because you play a game for a living.  But hey, I never liked the guy much anyway.
[PhotoSource: St. Louis Rams Blog]

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