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Monday, April 27th, 2015

Buccaneers’ Aqib Talib Claims His Mom Did All the Shooting at Sister’s Boyfriend



Now that’s classy.  If it’s between a lucrative NFL career and selling out your mom, I guess mom loses every time.  At least that’s whats happening in the case of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Aqib Talib, charged with aggravated assault, trying to shoot his sister’s common-law husband.  Talib is assembling a powerfuld defense.  And it looks like he’ll throw mom under the bus if he has to.  According to TampaBay.com.

Talib, 25, has retained law firms from two states and hired a Dallas private investigator who has questioned neighbors that witnessed the March 21 shooting that rattled the quiet subdivision of Charleston Commons.

Talib and his mother, Okolo, are charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police say they took turns firing gun shots at Shannon Billings, 40, who describes himself as the common-law husband of Talib’s sister, Saran.

Although Talib’s attorneys declined comment Wednesday, privately he’s been adamant that he did not fire a weapon during the domestic disturbance. Talib told Clint Bowen, a co-defensive coordinator during his career at the University of Kansas, that only his mom pulled the trigger.

“I talked to Aqib two days ago,” Bowen said. “I told him, ‘I just read something about you firing a gun.’ He said, ‘Man, I didn’t do a thing. It’ll all come out soon.’ He just kept saying that…He said, ‘I didn’t do that. That was my mom. It’s all going to come out.”’

The biggest problem with Aqib Talib is that he’s made a nice little career out of getting in trouble.  If this were an isolated incident, it might be understandable.  However, given Talib’s problems with the NFL’s conduct policy – he’d been suspended for 1 game due to an earlier incident – his indictment of his own mother makes him sound more than cowardly.

It makes him sound like he’s not even a man.

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