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Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Attorney Expresses Doubt That Patriots’ Meriweather Shot Two Men During Brawl


Perhaps this man could shed some light on the situation

Perhaps this man could shed some light on the situation

The attorneys for the victims of a shooting that occured on February 27 has his doubts that the shooter was actually Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather.  However, he does believe his clients were shot and he wonders why neither Meriweather nor his attorney have come forward to address the allegation.  According to NESN Daily:

On Thursday morning, just hours after the accusations against the Patriots safety surfaced, attorney John Morgan — who represents the two men — appeared on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan. Morgan told the hosts that he has “a lot of doubt” that Meriweather was the shooter.

Asked if he would back out if he found out his clients were lying to him?

“Hell yes. If my clients are lying? Hell yes,” he responded. “That’s why if I was representing Meriweather, I would get out in front of this and if I’m innocent I’d get out in front of this [Thursday] morning.”

“If it’s a scam, it’s elaborate as hell,” Morgan said. “We want to give Brandon Meriweather the benefit of the doubt. I presume that he’s innocent until otherwise proven guilty.”

Morgan points out that he has yet to hear back from Meriweather’s attorney or the New England Patriots.  Morgan runs a large personal injury law firm with offices in the Southeast.  According to Deadspin, it is the firm that former Florida Governor Charlie Crist recently joined.  In 2010, the firm won a $46.3 million judgement against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. on behalf of a client who’s husband died from years of smoking.

Standard attorney’s fees are 40%.  40% of 46.3 million is about $19.5 million.  Not a bad year, I’d say.

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