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Monday, April 27th, 2015

The Notorious E-mails That Should Have Gotten Ohio State’s, Jim Tressel, Fired (PHOTOS)



The notorious e-mails that got Ohio State’s Jim Tressel suspended for 2 games and fined $250,000 have been released.  And by the look of them, they’re pretty damning.

It’s important to remember that e-mails are not, nor will they ever be, secure or confidential.  This is why attorneys aren’t allowed to communicate this way when discussing a case.  Jim Tressel has had to learn the hard way that he should have been forthcoming from the very beginning regarding his players’ involvement with Eddie Rife of Fine Line Ink tattoo parlor.

Take a good look.  Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  Relax.  Because by the time your done reading through these, you’ll be wondering how Jim Tressel has any business keeping his job.  NCAA rules are iron-clad.  There is no bending them, there is only breaking.  And Coach Tressel knew his kids were involved in NCAA violations.  In fact, the e-mails might lead one to believe they were also breaking the law.

Tressel still has a job, however, because he’s a winner on the football field.  And at the Ohio State University, winning – and beating Michigan – are the only qualities that matter in a head coach.  Besides, Tressel has plenty of money to be fined.  The 250 grand he’s losing is only about 7% of his salary.

Thanks to Black Sports Online for the emails.






tressel-emails6[PhotoSource: Eleven Warriors]

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