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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Photos of Jimmer Fredette’s Girlfriend: BYU’s Honor Code About to Take Another Hit?



I’m not sure BYU basketball can survive Whitney Wonnacott, the gorgeous blonde girlfriend of hoops super star Jimmer Fredette.  It’s hard to imagine any young man not, at the very least, considering breaking the very Honor Code that got Brandon Davies suspended from the team.


But hey, maybe Jimmer is just a ‘better’ man than Brandon.  Though, it may just be that the former doesn’t have a roommate who’s willing to rat him out like the latter.  You be the judge.  Is Miss Wonnacott worth breaking your ‘honor’ for, or is this code just a ridiculous excuse to control young athletes that bring in millions of dollars for the university?

I’d give you my opinion, but I think you’ve already figured it out.


[PhotoSource: Frat House Sports, Black Sports Online]

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