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Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Did Chris Bosh Kill Lorenzen Wright? (Clues into His Tragic Death)


Lorenzen Wright Tweet: 'Is Chris Bosh Gay?'

The answer is NO!  But Lorenzen Wright did question Chris Bosh’s sexuality in a Tweet he posted on July 14th, just 5 days before he was murdered in Memphis when he simply asked ‘Is Chris Bosh gay?!’

So Wright tweets about Bosh’s sexuality and five days later he is dead?

Reasons Why Bosh Might Have Killed Wright:

  • Wright questioned his sexuality by asking his Twitter followers if Bosh was gay (a legit question by the way, but one which could weaken the already weak opinions on Bosh, as he attempted to claim his position as the 5th most important basketball person in the Miami community behind Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Pat Riley, and Mike Miller (HA!).
  • Plenty of money to do or hire as many of the Miami Mafia as he pleases to do the job for him.
  • Plenty of free time after wasting most of the Summer listening to NBA teams make pitches to him while pretending he was interested (and not already pre-packaged to Miami).

Although the odds of Bosh, of all people, doing anything that aggressive are about nil (I joke above), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t clues on Wright’s Twitter account (@MisterWright42) about his tragic death.

After researching all 375 tweets made on the account since April 5th I found some disturbing info, tidbits, and perhaps clues, that hopefully the Memphis, Collierville, and Germantown police are at least looking into.  But they are the same people that flubbed up Wright’s 911 call and didn’t connect that a hang-up call from his cell phone on July 19th with gunshots in the background and his disappearance for nearly a week might be related and a sign of foul play.

Wright tweeted back and forth with Trevino Vassar @bigvino92 on May 31, 2010, in retrospect what is a disturbing exchange of tweets:

WRIGHT: “f*ck you bish”

VASSAR: “F*ck u boy I gt that heat for ur ass @MisterWright42

WRIGHT: “fuck wit me bighead and see what happen!”

VASSAR: “U no were I stay boy cme on down and gt toe tag @MisterWright42

WRIGHT: “keep yo eyes open nigga don’t go to sleep hoe cause I’m under yo bed bish!”

VASSAR: U to long bish to gt under there its on I no wat u did last summer @MisterWright42

Wright then tweeted to his Twitter followers: ‘Black Mask Ren’ later that night at 9:27 pm CST.

Armed men showed up at the house of Wright’s ex-wife Sherra Robinson Wright weeks before his death, looking

for him.

This exchange between the two could be innocent, two friends (cousins?) ribbing each other back and forth, but Vassar should be questioned about the messages by the police.  Vasser made only 18 tweets since May 31st and nearly half of them were aimed at Wright.  He likely had nothing at all to do with Wright’s death, but he should be questioned.  He should be asked especially about what he tweeted about knowing what Lorenzen did last summer (friends/cousins often know the good, bad, and ugly on all of us), along with the threats the two tweeted towards each other.

This case will be solved. Someone will get loose lips and tell someone something or brag to a buddy or gang member about their hideous act.

To be fair, if Bosh and Vasser are questioned, then Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick should be as well.

Wright tweeted on July 11th: “Watching sponge Bob and is wondering is Patrick and sponge bob Gay? I’m just sayin”

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5 Responses to “Did Chris Bosh Kill Lorenzen Wright? (Clues into His Tragic Death)”
  1. FRIEND says:


  2. Ohsoluvlee says:

    Yeah this exchange between Lorenzen and Vassar sounds like the way black males kid around and joke with one another, and I know what you did last summer is a movie…my goodness how many of us have said that to someone. My deepest condolences to the Wright family, especially his children and his mother. This was such a tragic loss.


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