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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Lorenzen Wright’s Girlfriend Alexis Bradley’s Photos from the Day Before He Died


Lorenzen Wright photo with girlfriend Alexis Bradley 18

Beloved Memphian Lorenzen Wright, a veteran of 14 NBA seasons, was found dead yesterday in a field just outside of Memphis.  Wright had been missing since July 19th.

Wright was dating the beautiful Alexis Bradley at the time of his death.  He had been going back and forth between Memphis, where his children lived, and Atlanta.

Wright was recently divorced from Sherra Robinson Wright and was the father of six children.

He was found with a dozen gunshot wounds to his corpse.  A 911 call was made from his phone on July 19th where gunshots could be heard, along with an expletive, before it hung up.

The photos here were posted on Bradley’s Facebook account yesterday and dated July 18th, 2010 – the day before Wright disappeared and was murdered.

Bradley captioned the photos in a way that left no doubt the two were a couple, had been dating for some time, and loved each other:


Memphis police have not released names of any suspects as of just yet.  All sorts of conspiracy theories are floating around Memphis along with theories of who might have killed Lorenzen.

UPDATE: Sherra Robinson Wright Refuses to Talk to Police (Video)

View All of Alexis Bradley’s Last Photos of Lorenzen Wright

[source: Facebook]


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40 Responses to “Lorenzen Wright’s Girlfriend Alexis Bradley’s Photos from the Day Before He Died”
  1. Me says:

    This was not his only girl , check Twitter out . It was many of them with pictures At least 6 of them one other girl said

  2. Angie says:

    Lorenzen children has lot a great dad. I remember seeing him with his son a season ticket holder fucttion. He was a great man and Sherra should be proud that she made her family with him. Who cares about the girlfriend, NO ONE

  3. Angie says:

    Correction on previous comments

    His children has LOST a great dad

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alexis Bradley is NOT Lorenzen Wright’s girlfriend. They met 3 weeks ago. The pics weren’t posted on July 18th! They were posted on July 28th! Alexis Bradley was nowhere near his main girl and it’s disrespectful to his family for her to publish those pics the day that he passed. She never posted a picture of him before he died and she’s just trying to recieve fame off of his death by posting the pics of him now. She obviously knew she didn’t have permission to post his pictures but she decided to after he was found dead. Disrespectful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Alexis Bradley is NOT Lorenzen Wright’s girlfriend. They met 3 weeks ago. The pics weren’t posted on July 18th! They were posted on July 28th! Alexis Bradley was nowhere near his main girl and it’s disrespectful to his family for her to publish those pics the day that he passed. She never posted a picture of him before he died and she’s just trying to recieve fame off of his death by posting the pics of him now. She obviously knew she didn’t have permission to post his pictures but she decided to after he was found dead. Disrespectful and inconsiderate.

  6. her says:

    Some chicks will do anything just to get some attention. Who cares that she was one of the many gurls he was sleepin wit.

  7. Disgusted  says:

    This alexis chick is a mess. She’s a big groupie. Let his wife and family mourn in peace. Why would you pull out a dead man secrets?? A side chick isnt supposed to be seen, especially one with her track record. Karma is a b**ch and it’s coming for her.

  8. sheliarenee says:

    What a joke!! I saw her supposed Facebook page started to for fans to give their respect to the family. I refused to sign…what class to rub this in the face of his widowed wife and children! Wouldn’t surprise me if she had any involvement /:|

  9. mel says:

    Does anyone know how I can contact Alexis Bradley?

  10. Me says:

    U r soo sloppy, take this down, they were NOT a couple….just a groupie!!!

  11. Me says:

    Smh hoes will do anything for recognition

  12. Mempho says:

    I known this girl since middle school and she didn’t have to post these pics to get any attention

  13. Anonymous says:

    Although it’s apparent that Wright and Ms.Bradley had some type of affair…they were definitely NOT exclusive. Members of Wright’s family, his brother specifically, did not know anything about Ms. Bradley. Wright may have mentioned her to some of his friends, but she was definitely in no way his girlfriend. She is known to have a very bad reputation of being promiscuous and highly confrontational; some also refer to her as a “Drama Queen”. This is nothing but an act to get recognition and be acknowledged as a lover of the deceased man. I don’t believe she was smart enough to realize that what she did would back-fire on her, causing her reputation to worsen. She is just another young, dumb girl (graduated class of ‘06) who thought it was “cute” to be undoubtedly sleeping with an ex-NBA player and local celebrity. I don’t think she deserves anymore of the spotlight than she has already gotten. She posted the pictures simply to let the world know that she was in some way involved with Wright…and her point has been made.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lorenzen did not have a girlfriend at all. I am a good friend of his and I’ve never seen or heard him mention this girl. If you follow him on Twitter you will see who he talks to the most on there and IRS definitely not her. This is totally disrespectful!

  15. Lindyia says:

    Only in the mind of a young girl, not a woman. Simple!

  16. The real facts says:

    Once a slut alway a slut get a life alexis Denise Bradley .., u were never his girl…

  17. Nikki says:

    All of you tryna make her seem like a home wrecker…he was divorced! Hell he was posing for them! He was having fun with someone who made him happy. You all will look pretty dumb to know the wife set him up…not this girl!!!

  18. traci says:

    he dated her and others. ok, so what? is this news nope. she is sad, so is his family. Now what?

    she can’t find the killers – so whats the point. If ever woman comes out with pictures they took with him we’ll be busy looking at pictures rather than trying to find the murders.

    some people will go with anything to fill a page and get web traffic.

    sad to see another blackman die by the bullet. peace be with him and his family. especially his 6 kids.

  19. Memphis says:

    First of all, I live in Memphis and know some of his close family members. Sherra his ex-wife, her brother, and botfriend had something to do with his murder. Lorenzen divorced her b/c she got hooked on drugs (crack). Her boyfriend and Lorenzen had an altercation b/c the boyfriend damaged his vehicle and Lorenzen kicked his a*s. Lorenzen had planed to remove his kids out of her home and relocate them to Atlanta…All of this non-sense lead to his death. As for his girlfriend I was told that she was here in Memphis when he came up missing so….if she didn’t mean anything to him he wouldn’t have brought her home to meet his family. For those of you that don’t know him, his family, or even his girlfriend (Alexis)….SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!! I don’t know his grilfriend but I do know him and his family members. A man doesn’t bring a “groupie” home to meet his family.

  20. Native Memphian says:

    First of all, Only God can judge! Your focus is all on the wrong things anyway. Why are you focused on Alexis. Regardless as to whatever you want to say about her, they had something going on and she has proof. The man is divorced and he can have whatever he wants to have going on with anybody he wants too. Rather its her, Jane, Julie or her, Jane and Julie. That aint the point. Second thing is Lorenzen did not divorce Sherra, she beat him to the punch because she knew he was getting ready to divorce her so that she could that the truth about the fact he was leaving her would not be known. However everything youre saying about the drugs uis true! After saying all that, they had issues in their marriage some now known but many of them known and notated. Sherra had many affairs that are known to the public which caused many incidents to take place. The reason that it the light is being placed on her is because her story has changed many times. By many, I mean alot. It started she didnt know know anything to he left her house that night in her vehicle then came back, then it was somebody picked him up. The story went from that to finally somebody picked him up, the car was white, then it was silver, then it was black. Then after finding his body, it was 3 gun men came to her house looking for Lorenzen and she told him he wasnt there a while back and they threatened her. Hit men dont leave witnesses! I mean there is no need to tell these many storiesm if youre innocent. This makes you suspect. Then the latest news is that after all this has hit the fan, her neighbors have informed the police that she started a fire on her grill between 1 and 2 in the morning. OH OH…… What in the world. Also the Barber in Memphis that supposedly verified on the news that he cut Lorenzens hair also told the police conflicting stories. He is now MIA. Everybodys story was checking until until the 911 call from Lorenzens phone right before he was called was finally released which was failure on the Germantown police! WOW! This confirmed his time of death because he called 911 and they heard at least 10 gun shots at that time and they did nothing. They didnt alert anyone. They didnt follow up on the phone call. They didnt send anyone out to the location. Nothing. They may could have saved his life. I know people that have been shot many times perhaps more and lived to tell the story. Anyway, that was negligence on their part. But after this information was released, all hell broke loose because everybody got caught lying about something. They are all suspect. Why lie if youre telling the truth. They attempted to make him look bad by bringing in gun men, girlsfriends, talk about drugs…… All of this was a distraction! Its a shame that my basketball homie has to lose his life over this petty a$$ ish! The love of money is the root of all evil. People will do anything to get their hands on it. Its senseless. Worj for what you want. You will appreciate it a whole lot more. Theres nothing like the feeling of knowing that you are independent and have earned the things you have. Now we have lost a legend. He made things happen for the kids in Memphis. Camps, shoes, clothes… money….. He opened doors for many children in the city of Memphis. He used his money to give back. He wasnt selfish. RIP REN! You will never be forgotten homie! Never! What a tragedy and senseles way to end his life!

  21. Nichole says:

    I have known Alexis since she was young girl. She is a very sweet girl. Although she may not have been his only girlfriend she has never intended to disrespect his family by ANY means. She is a young woman who was in love with a man. Therefore, for those who don’t know her, SHUT THE F@#$K UP!

  22. pammy says:

    I hope this does not turn out like the McNabb murder, former QB for Tennessee Titans….

  23. Me says:

    Memphis people are so damn dumb, you don’t take pic like this with a groupie people, not if its just someone you smashing. im not saying that they was a couple but if nothoing else they was friends, Memphis the hating fucking capital of the world my city is so so messed up

  24. Finally says:

    It’s funny how all these children are all over facebook ,Twitter,& other sites speaking on things they have no right to speak on.God said do not judge……If she was a side chick,jump off,or girlfriend that was their business.The bigger picture is a man lost his life. It was her page & if you didn’t want see it why snoop on it. I forgot Memphis chicks well some i know for a fact facebook & twitter are your life. Half of all you broads talking are miserable & has been a side junt never wifey material to either a grizzle or U of M player. This man has lost his life & left kids behind.Let him be…..I can name a roster of you so call concerned females who been ran thru. People better be careful what they say especial one in particular.You been a internet GANGSTA for TO LONG LAPARIS! Keep Alexis name out your mouth…you probably sucked him up a couple times & mad you didn’t get the last drop.Old police ass chick but you gangsta right. The rest of you broads tag along but as you can see where her friends at now,she talk about you then always trying to apologize.Hoe save the tears for the birds. People sick of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R.I.P Ren…. keep your head up family & friends.

  25. cicco2010 says:

    @ Pammy….

    McNabb is a Washington Redskins QB and I assure you he is not DEAD since he’s been at the teams training camp for the past week. The Titans QB you so ridiculously meant to say is Steve McNair, who was found shot to death in Nashville back in 2009.

  26. BCS says:

    For those that actually know Wren aka Lorenzen or Vergagne if you truly knew him…regardless of whether or not Wren divorced Sherra or not…she knew what she was doing when she got with him when he was in college. I met him right after he was drafted & we kept in touch. He was like any other typical B-Ball player. He cheated & had many girlfriends. Even after they were divorced, he stated he would never get married again & that he makes each woman he is involved with believe that she is the only one. I can’t fault him or her(Alexis), I just hope she is being honest with herself about when those photos were taken because he is not coming back.

    Now in regards to Sherra & whether or not she is involved with his brutal & un-called for death…she has been threatening Vergagne since 1997. I have spoken & know family members & on a # of occasions, she said Wren was worth more to her dead than alive. It is questionable whether or not his last 2 children are his because she was cheating. Sherra probably took out an insurance policy out on him. Sherra knew if she could spit out 6 or 7 babies, she would be taken care of til she was 65 especially after he retired or if they got divorced. I have heard that all things are pointing towards her & they are just waiting til after the funeral. I hope they bury her under the jail.

    R.I.P Lorenzen Vergagne Wright

  27. stephanie says:

    He is dead now let him have peace. I hope who ever did this to him pay. For take his life. Because he was a loving father and a wonderful person. My heart goes out to the family. We all will miss you. We know you are in a better place. Everyone has a story to tell. Be only the person who did it know. Lorenzen you are the man. I miss you.

  28. stephanie says:

    You will be miss

  29. I'm just saying says:

    no one really knows what went on besides them two. If they haven’t been involved for a while, SO WHAT?! It could hve been moving in that direction. She is grieving…whether they’re friends or more, she’s hurting…have respect. I know her personally and she’s a good girl with a kind heart but let’s remember, this is about a man who was MURDERED…let’s pray for JUSTICE instead of worrying about his personal life

  30. poster says:

    Alexis had been seeing Lorenzen for about 6 months. She really cared about the guy and was not trying to get vapors off of his death. That he may have been seeing other women during that time is not a negative on her character. Being young and kind of naive she might have thought she was his one and only.

    Family member.

  31. UnKnown says:

    Rip lorenzen wright u are in a better place… Secondly Alexis Denise Bradley is not his girlfriend they just meet at the end of may 2010…but he did have a girlfriend for about a year but she is asian American that’s s fact… So out of respect Alexis need to take those pic down bc she just a groupie.. If u was his girlfriend why she don’t state how long they been dating ?

  32. Tina says:

    Lorenzen u will truly b missed. May u REST IN PEACE!!!

  33. Tiffanys says:


  34. UnKnown says:

    Alexis Denis Bradley is not his girlfriend… The real girlfriend will be the one da kids and family know and Love…

  35. SSCC says:

    I knew him personally and she was definetly someone who was a jump off for him. A few months before he passed he told me that he was dating Tina Thompson of the WNBA.

  36. Adrian Bond says:


    We still miss you each day! A said day in Memphis history as well as The University of Memphis!

    Adrian Bond Memphis Fan


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